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Component assembly

Your components are in good hands with us. We stand for first-class, experience-based module installations, completely according to your expectations.

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Pushing your company forward – component by component.

More than 50 years of experience in machine construction have given us valuable experience from which we benefit in the realization of assemblies. With skill and precision, we process assemblies of various degrees of complexity for your company

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– and we do this with constant quality and with the promise of delivering a meticulous end product that meets your requirements. In addition, to give you a first impression, we offer you the possibility of having a small pre-series at MFH.

1. Your inquiry

You are interested in our services? We look forward to receiving your inquiry including a detailed description of the components to be assembled. This will allow us to estimate the overall costs in advance.

2. Machining of small series

We are always available to make a first small pre-series. In this way we get familiar with your product and you get a first impression about our quality.

3. Planning the process

Now, after we have been able to convince you of our work and get to know your product, it’s time to get down to business. An agreement on the number of pieces to be assembled and the desired delivery intervals for the assembly help us to make an exact offer.

4. Our offer

Once the invested time has been estimated and all the important details have been clarified, nothing stands in the way of a successful cooperation. We look forward to working with you!